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CoverThere are 19 slots left for this tour in the 3 day run but 15 of those are non-review posts. 3 Guest Posts, 3 Excerpts, and the remaining 9 choice of Author Interview, Character Interview or Character Bio. For interviews, reviews and guest posts sign-ups close Sept 2 and you must also email interviews and guest post topics to BWR Tours by that date.

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We will send out Media Kits for all confirmed hosts soon. Review copies are available via NetGalley in digital format. This tour only has 4 review slots left of 5 openings so be sure you are confirmed in a review slot if you reference this tour on your review request.

About the Book:
Martin Sisters Publishing (7/25/2013)
Three generations in an all-female Taiwanese family living near Los Angeles in 1980 are each guarding personal secrets. Grandmother Silk finds out that she has breast cancer, as daughter Lisa loses her job, while pre-teen granddaughter Abbey struggles with a school bully. When Silk’s mysterious past comes out—revealing a shocking historical event that left her widowed—the truth forces the family to reconnect emotionally and battle their problems together.
A novel of cultural identity and long-standing secrets, The 228 Legacy weaves together multigenerational viewpoints, showing how heritage and history can influence individual behavior and family bonds. (ISBN#9781625530394, 322pp, $16.95 Paperback, $6.99 eBook)

Genres: Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction


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